Cuved LED Dispaly Screen

Program: Outdoor & Indoor Fixed Installation

The majority of the curve led display jobs are customized,we'll have to understand ARC and angle.
Chenkse is quite professional to design the curve structure,and we provide field support for installation.Some of this project,we're even able to supply the structure if it's possible to move by sea.

Outdoor pitch 3mm, 3.2mm, 3.91mm, 4mm, 4.81mm,5mm, 6mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm
Indoor pitch 2.5mm, 2.98mm, 3mm, 3.91mm, 4mm, 4.81mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Curved LED display video walls

Chenkse's curved screen walls are a excellent choice to immerse a bigger audience into an abundance of virtual content. The possibility to demonstrate 3D stereo content adds to the complete experience. This is therefore an ideal solution for universities and research institutes, institutes, and conference centres.

Total configuration freedom

The configuration of a curved display wall is completely up to the client. Not only the size, but also the resolution, brightness, projectors used, and positioning of projectors (front or rear projection) are customizable. Chenkse gear can also be open for integration into systems.

With a curved screen wall, you are able to visualize a number of resources simultaneously, in any mix of mono and 3D stereo, with an uncompromised image quality. As a result of Chenkse's XDS Control Center software package, you control all networked and local resources with your mouse and keyboard in a familiar Windows environment. You can compare multiple 3D stereo resources in a window while videoconferencing with distant colleagues or comparing the data into a spreadsheet.
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