Indoor Fixed LED Screen Video Wall

Is not simply a video display screen, but also a nice decoration.

The LED display utilizes high quality brand SMD LED chip, which has high efficiency luminescence, decreased attenuation of brightness, higher reliability. SMD technology takes superb wide viewing angle to the LED display, better color performance, greater contrast ratio and higher refresh rate, super uniformity in colour, Low-budget, higher pixel density, more vibrant and steady videos and graphics (No Flickering).

It's easy and convenient to set up indoor LED Video Wall Screen such as Meeting Room, Conference Room, Restaurant, Hotel, Bank, Hospital, Station, Air Port, Theater, Cinema, Gym, Store, Shop etc..

Using standard iron cabinet that's light weight but durable construction, the display is a great deal more convenience for transportation and installation.

Indoor fixed LED Display Screen

Lightweight and outstanding performance meet the Demands of Exceptionally demanding advertising market.

Ultra high definition display with lightweight structure
High resolution indoor stationary leddisplay offers delicate pictures.

Outstanding indoor performance
Indoor fixed led screen become increasingly more popular. Whatever image, text, or video could be shown clear and appealing.

Standard cabinet dimension of indoor fixed led display
Over 1000Hz refresh speed enables flicker free functionality, delicate images could be delivered right without scan lines.

High refresh rate enables screen to get rid of scan lines.
Indoor fixed led display cabinet offers flexible design solution for an assortment of LED screens customized according to client's functional demand of size and pixel pitch.

Free design, customized to your needs.
Indoor fixed led display cabinet provides flexible design solution for a variety of LED displays customized according to customer's practical demand of size and pixel pitch.

Lightweight and slim structure, easy to lift up.
Adopting aluminum cabinet construction to decrease weight, it may be lifted up by one hand without effort and enables convenient installation and disassembly.

High gray scale and contrast guarantee a outstanding performance
Its vibrant picture performance relies on large grey scale based on high level IC and system, and its high contrast creates rich, vibrant colours.

Silence performance with low energy consumption.
Indoor fixed led screen can keep steady performance from constant silence operation with low power consumption, quick heat dissipation.

Our products are installed in throughout the world.Indoor rental screen widely utilised at KTV, Hotel, Airport, the mall.

Price cover all kits
the purchase amount of product include the cupboard, control system, and bundle. It's extremely convenient for you.
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