to be able to make certain that your assembled outdoor LED screen looks fantastic, please buy all of the outdoor SMD LED display modules after, same batch outdoor SMD LED modules will shares the very same LEDs, same brightnessexactly the same colour temperature, same framework, those are extremely important factors that will impact your assembled signs' prognosis and life.

Please pay your attention: Do not hesitate to contact our professional sales representative if you have any queries with our outside SMD led display modules.

Please note the SMD LED display module image not entirely the same as actual product because of product updating.

Various batches of SMD LED modules could have some differences on the level and color. So please purchase all LED modules for a single LED screen at one time.

And we suggest you buy several pieces module spare parts for future speedy maintenance because our modules can not work together with your past or previous modules.

Outdoor P8 SMD LED Display Module

PH 8mm Outside SMD LED Module is for outdoor advertsing.with high definition and higher brightness and long viewing distance.With 15625 dots per square meters of Outdoor Full colour LED Display panel PH8 of which the pixel size is 8mm. The grayscale of each is 16384, and 16,777,216 types of colours in total. Dynamic scanning technology is adopted to guarantee the purity and stability of image effects, the accuracy of screen effect and assortment of cartoon; cabinets are made from aluminum alloy, so it is much lighter and better heat dissipation system. On the other hand, LED panel can display text, pictures, animation in addition to video.

Outside rgb led module smd 6mm LED display module watertight

Full colour display is one sort of matrix LED display composed of light emitting diode (SMD LED), forcing circuit, information processing circuit and cupboard, taking SM technology and varied control modes.It is popular for advertising as data display board. The major application areas: shopping facilities, hospitals, banks, enterprises and public institutions, exhibition hall, ticket hall, hotel, securities businesses, malls so on.
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