Outdoor waterproof Fixed LED Display Screen

Outdoor LED Screen also generally called outdoor LED screens is an exceptional medium to captivate your audience by displaying content that is vibrant.

Outdoor waterproof Fixed LED Screen will become another celebrity product for outside stationary installation advertising LED screen. For the standard outdoor advertising LED display layouts, they're heavy and ugly. But, Chenkse's Spaceship Sereis die-casting aluminum layout changed all of the disadvantages, which makes it a revolution for outside advertising LED display.

Outdoor Fixed LED Display Screen Features

Weather Proof
Outdoor LED Screen are rocky with IP 65 and IP 66 making them withstand adverse weather conditions and provide vibrant excellent output.

Brightness Contrast
An Outdoor LED Screen has a lot more brightness than its indoor counterpart enabling it to delivery vibrant images even in direct sunlight.

Auto Adjusting To Daylight
Our smart Outdoor LED Screen are effective at auto-adjusting the brightness levels according to the natural lighting with no manual intervention.

Customized Design
Our inhouse design team makes it possible to customize the LED Screen related to dimensions, shape, pixel pitch or screen resolution.

Magnesium-Alloy cabinet
This series is fixed with a Magnesium-Alloy cupboard,Lighter than conventional cabinets; Utilizing multiple waterproof floors, safe and dependable;The typical power consumption is just 50% of the conventional products, reduced operating expenses.

Fantastic performance
Has exceptional contrast,Let people enjoy the remarkable picture screen effect;High refresh, make the screen very smooth.

Cabinet Structure advantages
Exterior fixed installment LED display cabinet, is constructed of iron material heat treatment, and coated with anti-corrosion watertight protective film, can extend the service life, improve heat resistance. Additionally, the cabinet has a high hardness, outstanding wind and cold resistance, can defy the 12th hurricane. Along with the dimensions of the exterior LED display cabinet can be customized according to client requirements.
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